Andrea Björkholm

Andrea Björkholm is a Finnish actor based in Sweden. She has a master’s degree in acting from the Theatre Academy in Helsinki. After graduating she has worked as a freelance actor in both Finland and Sweden

Andrea is a versatile and sharp-witted actor working with a variety of projects spanning from film and tv, to theatre and opera.  Andrea always seeks to look beyond the norms and stereotypes in order to create multifaceted characters. Her method of acting is based on Stanislavskij and the Chubbuk technique.  

Andrea’s latest works include “Stormskerry Maja” (Solar Films, 2024) and “Stop Nyqvist” (Finnish Broadcasting Company, 2022). She is also part of the working group Granberg & Björkholm who, since 2019, writes and performs absurd and highly topical performances for the stage.

Andrea speaks Swedish (finlandssvenska, rikssvenska, åländska), English, Finnish and German.