Arttu Kapulainen

Arttu Kapulainen is an award-winning Finnish actor known for multiple roles in films, TV series, and theatre plays in Finland. His career as an actor spans over two decades. He started as a child actor and received the Jussi-award ”Finnish Oscar” for his lead performance in the feature film ”Tomas” (1996). In 2011, he graduated with a MA in Acting from the Theatre Academy of Helsinki (Uniarts).

Arttu has studied improvisation at The Groundlings School in Los Angeles 2019-2020.

He played the role of private Wolfpaw (Susi) in the national blockbuster film ”Unknown Soldier” AMAZON PRIME (2017) which was viewed in Finland nearly three times more than Disney’s “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”. 

His latest works include ”Bordertown: Mural Murders” NETFLIX (2021), ”Transport” (2022), and ”Deadwind” NETFLIX (2020-2021). 

In addition to his native Finnish, he is excellent in English.

Height: 177 cm

Hair: Light Brown

Eyes: Blue-Grey

Size: M

Shoe: 41-42, (26,5 cm)

Driving License: B, C

Languages: Finnish, English, Swedish (Scripted), French (Scripted)

Accents: Scandinavian, Eastern European, Standard American

Special Skills: Improvisation, Firearms; Shooting & Handling, Military training, Skating, Ice Hockey, Downhill Skiing, Drums