Behsat Saka

Saka was Born in Oslo, Norway to immigrant parents from Turkey.
He spent most of his childhood in a small town outside Oslo. Being the first child in the family he got a lot of attention from his parents. With a large number of relatives still in Turkey, he would spend his summers in Konya and Izmir.

He grew up in a conservative household, his father a preacher and his mother working as a housekeeper. Along with his two siblings , he was taught Arabic by his father from a early age. At the age of seven, his father introduced him to the martial art of Tae Kwon Do which he now holds a black belt. Later on he started training in the more deadly art form of Ninjutsu which he also holds a black belt on. He is also an enthusiastic soccer player and his favorite team are Barcelona.
His interest in the arts and psychology led him to acting. He took his first acting lessons at The International Theatre Academy of Norway. Behsat was always clowning around as a kid to get attention from people. One day his father jokingly suggested he should pursue an acting career, because he loved to pull up pranks on people and clown around, without knowing that that would be his way of showing his creativity.
He has also been working as salesman since he was 18 years old, and spent his last three years to save up money for his studies, he got accepted into the prestigious Lee Strasberg Institute in Los Angeles, a two year conservatory program.

Actor based in Oslo / LA Available to travel long term

Born: 1992

Height: 181

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black/Short

Size: L

Shoe: 44

Southern European

Languages: Norwegian, English (American), Turkish

Skills: Weapons training, Martial Art, Acrobatics

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