Christoffer Willén

Former lawyer turned actor – after he finished his Master in Laws, Christoffer entered the prestigious institute of Calle Flygare Theatre School where he completed their two-year acting program. A highly ambitious, dedicated, and versatile individual when it comes to acting, both in the film as well as on stage – No challenge is too big nor too small for him as he jumps in headfirst in any project he gets seriously involved in. 
Christoffer will be part of an exciting upcoming Swedish TV series, The Playlist, abroad that will air on Netflix in fall 2022. Next up on the agenda is another exciting Criminal Swedish TV series that will air on CMORE towards the beginning of the fall season 2022. 

Born: 1991

Height: 183 cm

Weight: 81 kg

Size: L

Hair: Blonde/Short

Eyes: Blue

Shoe: 46

Northern European, Scandinavian

Language: Swedish (skånsk, stockholmsk), English (fluent American and British), German (fluent)

Driving Licence: BC


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