Eleonoora Kauhanen


Eleonoora Kauhanen is a Finnish actress and musical artist, who became known for her role in the movie Girls Picture (2022). The film was selected as the first Finnish feature film for the Sundance Film Festival international competition and the Berlin Film Festival Generation competition series and is selected as Finland’s candidate for the international film Oscar award.

Girl Picture is nominated in 8 categories in the Finnish JUSSI award, Eleonoora Kauhanen in the category “Rising star”.

Kauhanen attended Kallio high school and studied musical theater at Lärkulla folk high school 2019-2020, and Skene musical theater training 2020-2021.

Eleonoora has been seen in Rauma’s summer theater’s Finnish 80´s rock band “Dingo” musical, where she plays the lead female role, the girlfriend of the front singer Neumann.