Fancy Alexandersson

Fancy Alexandersson is a multifaceted talent from Sweden. From dancer to actress and model, she has become a known personality in the entertainment industry.

After being offered to take part in the movie Creed, a spin-off and sequel to the Rocky film series, Fancy decided to pursue her life-long dream of acting. She is the creator and female lead in the much anticipated film Fallen Dream, co-starring Laura Whitmore, The Pussycat Doll’s singer Kimberly Wyatt, Swedish actor Linus Wahlgren, Jack McEvoy and Elijah Rowen from the renowned tv-show Vikings. “Fallen Dream” is selected to several filmfestivals as Cannes and Venice Filmfestivals 2020. Most recently Fancy is producing her first feature film What’s My Currency?

Among her numerous achievements, Fancy has successfully modeled for a variety of brands. As a young teenager she was discovered by the top model agency Stockholmsgruppen, which encouraged her to get into the fashion industry and move from her small home town to the capital, Stockholm, before she continued her international career.

Being a recognized personality worldwide, known for her influential network as well her controversial style and conversations about female rights, Fancy think it is important to regularly participate to charity and educational causes. In 2016 Fancy made a speech about networking and entrepreneurship at the Georgetown University in Washington D.C. one of America’s top universities.

A global talent, Fancy frequently travels the world for work, documenting her endeavors on social media.

Music, Dance and Smiles are Fancy´s favorite things.



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