Ingrid Gulbrandsen

Actress, Singer, Dancer, Musical Artist Ingrid Gulbrandsen graduated from Bårdar Academy in Oslo 2018, and has been working South of Europe in Musicals for 1,5 year. Ingrid is based in Oslo, working with film and commercials, meantime she also is entertaining in events with her partner Petter Egge.

Born 1993

"Incomplete" | Dance video

An expression of love – not only for each other, but for nature. If you share our passion for our beautiful planet, please like and share our video!***Thanks a million to our amazing coreographer and photographer, and the incredible scenery at Senja! <3Coreography: Siv Stormo-GaustadShot & edited by: Stein-Eirik SimonsenMusic: James Bay – IncompleteWe do not own the rights to this music. We would also be very happy if you consider donating to the chosen organization below. <3

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