Marthe Løvik Markussen

Marthe Løvik Markussen has graduated with a Masters’s degree in acting. For as long as she can remember, she has always been interested and fascinated by acting. Marthe started by applying for the musical and theatre study at Bømlo
Folkehøyskole. Before that, she was included in a local theatre group where she lived outside
Bergen. After one year of musical and theatre, she applied for the drama-teacher Bachelor at
the University of Agder. Today she is working on her last year of Masters in Arts (focusing on
theatre and acting) which she is finishing May 2021.
She have experience in acting from plays, has done throughout the years at the university
and the musical and theatre study. Besides school, she is working as an Actress at
Murder Mystery by TeamQuest and at the zoo, in the universe of Kaptein Sabeltann. Marthe is part
of the Norwegian competitors in the “World Championships of Performing Arts”, 2021 as an
Besides acting Marthe loves to go hiking, draw realistic portraits, pole-dance and
takes ballet classes. She is passionate about being creative; through acting, drawing, and doing SFX
makeup. Working out has always been very important to her –  she played soccer for 10 years and  did athletics in her younger years.
Born: 1996
Height: 178cm
Hair color: Auburn brown
Hair length: Medium/past collarbone
Eye color: Blue/green
Dress size: EU 36-38
Shoe size: 41
Scars: A scar down my belly
Tattoo: Small one on my wrist
Languages: Norwegian and English