Miodrag Stojanovic

Miodrag Stojanovic is born in Serbia in 1967, graduated from the University for economy and statistics in 1991 and has been living in Sweden since 1992, and turned to be an actor in theater, film, and TV productions in Scandinavia and internationally.

Miodrag can be seen on “The November Man” (with Pierse Brosnan), “Snabba Cash”, “Bron”, “Wallander”, “Tredje Öyet” and is currently in a Finnish film “Omerta 12/6” with director Aku Louhimies. (Omerta 6/12)

Misko is fluent in Serbian, Bosnian, Croatian as a native, speaks also fluent Swedish, English, and Russian.


Born: 1967

Lenght: 189 cm

Size: XL

Shoe: 45

Hair: Brown                        Driving Licence: B

Eyes: Mixed                        Ethnicity: Eastern European


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