Olli Rahkonen

Olli Rahkonen, born in 1987, is an actor based in Helsinki, Finland. After graduating from the University of Arts Helsinki (MA in acting) he has worked in many theatres across Finland. His background in singing came to use when he did his first lead roles in musicals such as “Tom of Finland”(2017) and “The Last Ship”(2018). Both were in Turku City Theatre.
Recently Rahkonen has made more appearances in TV/Film. The First Lead role was in a Finnish criminal series Harjunpää(Helsinki Crimes) which is now aired on Cmore and Netflix. Rahkonen has also one of the lead roles in Finnish version of the Norwegian series, “Exit”, and a big supporting role in “My husband’s wife” and “The Invincibles”.
Rahkonen has worked closely with award-winning director Teemu Nikki. He has played the lead role in fearure film “Simo times three”(2012) and supporting roles in tv series such as ‘Mister8”, “Lovemilla”, “Sekasin” and many more.
Rahkonen speaks fluent Finnish, Swedish, and English.



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