Sinéad Daly

Sinéad is an Anglo-Irish actress who started her career working alongside Star Wars actor, Jake Lloyd, in several passion projects in the United States.

In London, she played several roles in ITV’s Victoria, and swiftly moved on to several larger productions with Walt Disney Pictures, filming at Pinewood Studios and locations across Great Britain.

She’s also worked abroad in India and here in the Nordics, where she is now based.

Currently she is studying Method Acting with the prestigious Lee Strasberg Theater & Film Institute in Hollywood, CA via distance, alongside Shakespearean studies at Harvard University, MA.

Born: 1992

Acting age: 20-30

Height: 160cm

Weight: 50kg

Size: XS/ S EU)

Hair: Brunette/ Dark Blonde

Shoes: 36 (EU)

Eyes: Hazel

Languages: English, Irish, Swedish (basic)

Accents: American standard, Cockney, Birmingham & Black Country, Queen’s English, Irish, Indian, Scandinavian

Available to travel


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