Tatu Sinisalo

Chest: 107cm
Waist: 88cm
Hips: 90cm
Inseam: 72cm
Height: 189 cm
Tatu Sinisalo, based between LA and Helsinki, is mostly known for his leading roles in biographical feature films Born in Heinola (2016) and King of Hearts (2019), for which he received two audience Jussi Awards in Finland (“Finnish Oscar’s”). At the moment Tatu plays a disturbed young man and the leading antagonist in Welcome To Texas (Warner Bros) and Helsinki Crimes (ITV) which are both playing in Finnish and French distribution channels. In the American-Finnish series Perfect Commando Tatu plays a closeted character. In addition Tatu has performed in various film, tv, musical and theater productions.
In 2022 Tatu was awarded a full scholarship to American Arts, Film and Television Academy (AAFTA), Los Angeles. 
Tatu has a MA in Theatre Arts, 2019, Finland, where education is high quality. All together he has studied Film Acting in five different countries under six Universities & Conservatories: NÄTY, TEAK, KASK, LMTA, EAMT and AAFTA. In the master’s thesis he explored ways to construct his own acting technique: Documentary Acting . The idea behind this research is to help an actor approach biopic film roles, that dramatize the life of a non-fictional person, with accountability and integrity. Tatu also has a background in dancing and singing. 
Tatu has an excellent ear for accents and languages. He has studied Swedish, English, Spanish, Russian, German, French, Northern Sami and Finnish. His first lead role (Born in Heinola) was praised for sounding exactly like the real rock star he was playing, implementing deep character building in physique & voice. 
He is 6’2, blue-eyed sailor, stage combat trained with Northern blonde hair and a mind full of books.
“I believe empathy is the key to start making a difference in this world. I’ve learned quite a bit about myself but I yearn to understand what it’s like to be you. When trying to understand a character and a story, one has to be open to empathy, compassion, and dialogue not just within the character-work but with every single colleague on the team. Stories are what connect us across borders, nationalities, genders and ethnicities. I’m curious about worlds people live in and the settings we act upon.
Some experiences that I draw upon:
– First time I ever sailed was across the Atlantic with a crew of 19 people and 14 different nationalities onboard.
– I had an upbringing and education that fosters diversity and inclusivity. I had a relationship with a native Sami woman for 4 years, which was a life-changing experience in learning about racial, colonial, climate, and political issues that indigenous people and we are still facing today.
– When my grandmother died I learned that hearing is often the last sense we’re left with in the very end. Hence it’s always worth the dialogue. It is the only way to tell stories, work or co-exist at 417,51 ppm atmospheric CO2 on the planet.”