Tommy Hyving

Tommy Hyving is a Norwegian actor, based in Oslo, started his career in the National TV and Film industry 1989.

Tommy is a serious actor, positive minded with huge respect and humble to his environment. He takes his acting seriously, is always well prepared and works hard to make the best out of his competence.

Tommy works as a freelance actor and has the opportunity for assignments abroad and productions over long periods of time.

Born 1975
Length 181 cm                                  Hatsize 56
Weight 87 kg                                     Shoesize 44
Size L                                                  Eyes Blue
Chest 113 cm                                     Hair Blonde/Bald
Waist 96 cm                                      Facehair Beard
Hips 95 cm                                        Driving licence B
Inside leg 82 cm                               Caucasian/Northern European
Inside arm 48 cm
Shirt 43 cm


Performing skills:  Athletic, Fighting, He has a Dog available for production

Tattoos: chest, arm, shoulder

Language Norwegian, English  (scandinavian and east european accents)