Vilma Kinnunen

Vilma Kinnunen is a Helsinki- and Lahti based actor from Finland, who has performed the role of
Tellu in the finnish feature film Hamsterit (MRP 2023). She has acted in over 30 theatrical and
TV/film productions in the span of 2010-2024.
Vilma received her Masters of Arts degree in acting from The Theatre Academy of Helsinki in 2022,
and her method of acting is mainly based on the Checkhov technique. She also minored in musical
theater studies during her masters programme, and has a strong singing backround.
Recently, she perfomed the role of Saara in the upcoming Tv-series Operaatio Valhalla (Snapper
Films 2024), and also the role of Mother in the renowned family feature film Itsy Bitsy Princess
(Helsinki Filmi 2024). Currently she is working on the iconic role of Pegleg in the Lahti city theatre
version of the musical The Black Rider, casting of the magic bullets (premiere fall 2024).
Vilma is very passionate about dramaturgy of the project at hand, curious towards the story and
interested in always challenging herself. She is a big reader and a documentary enthusiast – these
traits have refined into an observing and always humorous way of viewing life.


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