Partisan – Winner “Best TV series” in CannesSeries 2020

Set in the idyllic surroundings of Jordnära, a gated community that runs a very successful organic farm. A man takes a job offer, soon learning about their unorthodox rules and routines.


Fares Fares, Johan Rheborg, Anna Björk, Kola Krauze

Awards 2020
Cannes Series
Award Winner “Best Tv Series”

C21’s International Drama Awards

Nominated, C21’s International Drama Award
Best Non-English Language Drama Series
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D A V I D C. H Ë V V I T T Award Winner Film music composer

Welcome to our Musician department Mr Hëvvitt who is a London-born film score composer and classical music arranger. David began playing the piano at six and later studied music in London and United States.  Hëvvitt was recently awarded ‘Best Film Score’ by both the Los Angeles Film Awards and The Accolade Global Film Competition for his work on the critically acclaimed feature film ‘Delaware Shore’, which made the 2019 Oscar list.

Hëvvitt’s music has been used all over the world, in films and on TV shows like ‘En Otra Piel’ a Spanish-language ‘telenovela’ produced by United States and México- based television network Telemundo Studios. His awesome trailer score for the Playstation 4 beta hit ‘WARTHUNDER’ garnered over twenty seven million YouTube views. His work can also be heard on ‘The Driving Dead’ starring Michael Rooker from TV’s ‘The Walking Dead’ (directed by Gale Anne Hurd -Terminator, Aliens), Mad Men and Family Guy.

Hëvvitt’s music is published worldwide and he most recently became part of the Warner Chappel legacy,

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Film Quiz with actors Patrik Karlson and Malin Myrén

Light-hearted entertainment on a high level
Film Quiz Extra Allt is the fuller version of the classic pub quiz. Hosted by two actors who
challenge the audience’s knowledge within film and TV. We compete in teams. We will
watch scenes both on the big screen and live. The questions range from old time film
classics to the latest tv-series. For the braver ones there are opportunities to both impress
and get bonus points by giving a performance. Those with very specific knowledge
also be rewarded. Light-hearted and fun entertainment that can be combined with dinner
or other activities.
We offer everything from general to thematic quizzes, like our popular Christmas
and New Years quiz.
Duration: 1-2 hours depending on your wishes regarding the setting.
From 10 participants and up.
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Actor and Stuntcoordinator Robban Follin

Action and Fighting actor Robert Follin is a well known profile in Scandinavian and International productions. He has been seen in TV-series as Vikings, Heder, Wisting, Jägarna, Bron etc, as an stuntactor, fighting and stunt coordinator. Robert has recently been acting in Scandinavian Winther Theater Birkebeinerspelet which is based on the actionfilm Last King (2016).


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HiQ Finland ST1

In summer 2019 we collaborated with HiQ Finland, Calcus and ST1 for a new mobile application.

Mathilde A Ypsöy held this 2 days production in West Norway. We want to thank Dale of Norway for

sponsoring us with the Norwegian Outfit.


Dale of Norway


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