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Musician for your event

Do you need a proper orchersta for your event. Stonemountain Orchestra has a nice sound with professional musicians. They have been playing for several years in Sweden and Åland.

Project leader/Producer Oliwer Stenberg

Master/mix Sebastian Öster, Jesper Österberg

Film/editing/grading  Eden Yusof-Ioannidis, Fanny Danielsson Hanna Welander

Vocals Sopran Amanda Ekeberg/Alternativ Linda Rampeltin
Piano Christoffer Nordenström
Elektric guitar Ricki Eiderqvist
Elektric Erik Ryding
Drums Per Eriksson
Percussion Hampus Larsson
Percussin AntonHenriksson
Trompet Albin Gustavsson

Alto Saxofon Janis Miller
Tenor Saxfon Lovisa Parszyk
Trombone Joel Lindblom
Stage Management Wictor Helgesson

The music is inspired of soul/funk/beat sounds and the Orchestra are playing old goodies aswell as popular presens music. The band was recognized by the media last year when their studio rehearsals preparing for the Eurovision song contest where aired on TV by SMO.


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Welcome to our webside

Finally we have the webside updated and our whole concept is brighting up 2019. We started as an agency 2016 and have been working us up to a professional production management.

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