Elmira Arikan

Elmira Arikan is an actress with more than 20 years of experience on stage, film, and TV. Elmira is known for her role in the TV show Beck as “Ayda Cedin” since 2015. She is also seen in the TV series “Hamilton” and “Huss”.  Currently, Elmira is seen in the TV series, “Vuxna människor”, “Försvunna människor”, and has been part of an upcoming Netflix show. Elmira is an educated screenwriter and has written the Theater play “BRINN”, at Stockholms stadsteater, Unga Klara 2022-2023, where she also played a part. “BRINN” was awarded as the best play for children and youth in 2022.


Height: 169 cm

Hair: Dark brown/curly

Eyes: Brow

Size: S/M

Shoe: 39

Languages: Swedish, English, Farsi, Turkish

Ethnicity: Iran/Turkey

Skills: Piano, dance, yoga

Driving License: B