Charlie Petersson

Charlie Petersson is an established actor with several starring roles in Scandinavian feature films and tv series distributed globally such as ‘The Sandhamn Murders’, ‘Thicker Than Water, ‘The Circle, ‘Rita’, and more.
He is currently starring in his production ‘Street Tunes’ on Sveriges Television (SVT) and he will be seen as the main cast in an international feature film ‘What Remains’ directed by Ran Huan, written by Meghan Everett Skarsgård with global distribution, starring Gustav Skarsgård, Stellan Skarsgård, and Andrea Riseborough.
He’ll be starring in the leading role in ‘Drama Kings’ (2023).


Height: 183                           Chest: 106

Weight: 75                            Waist: 86

Hair: Brown                           Hips: 97

Eyes: Blue                             Shoe: 43

Size: M

Driving License: B

Skills: Guitar, Singing, Basketball, Ice skating

Languages: Swedish (native), English (native, American, British) German (fluent)


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