Engla Lönn

Engla Lönn is a Swedish teen actress, who graduated from Kulturama musical artist program in 2023. Engla has been acting and dancing since 8 years old and has been part of Sandviken Kulturskolan since 2013. She moved to Stockholm in 2020 to begin her education at Kulturama high school, a theater class at Calle Flygare Theater School, also attended Cinemantrix Film acting class with Lukas Loughran to develop her carrier as an actress and a musical artist. She has been part of several plays at the theater, and is a determined artist, working seriously as a professional.
Born: 2004
Hair: Blond/Shoulder length
Eyes: Green
Height: 171 cm
Weight: 57 kg
Shoe: 39
Size: S

Dance: Modern Jazz, Hip-hop, Street, Disco,  Jazz

Song, Voice Sopran
Horseback riding
Ethnicity: Northern European, Scandinavian
Languages: Swedish, English