Kenneth Wolf Haugen

School and Education
After finishing his compulsory school, Wolf faced a choice that would shape his future. His lifelong dream was to become an actor, but chose chemistry as his main subject as both he and his family saw better opportunities settling for a secure future. Wolf studied chemistry for two years and branched to chemical processing, gaining an apprenticeship at a local factory producing insulation. After two years of being an apprentice, Wolf was awarded a trade certificate in the chemistry sector and was called in to military service only a month later.

He chose to complete his military service helping out at a local high school, working with youngsters with ADHD and Tourette’s Syndrome. Done with his military service, Wolf went on to Kingston University in London, England, studying Forensic Science for 3 years.Here he was also introduced to both Jiu Jitsu and Fencing.
In 2019 Wolf gratuated from the International Stunt Academy in Los Angeles.

Available as an actor, stunt, stuntkoordinator with a professional team to production.

Born 1989

Height 185

Weight 65

Bust 93

Waist 76

Hips 80

Size M

Shoe 44

Hair Brown/Long

Eyes Blue

Ethnicity Northern European, Languages Norwegian, Brittish English

Skills Film Theater Stunts Material Arts (Karate Jijitsu Jeet Kune Do) Music

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