Klas Karterud

Klas Karterud (1962) is a Swedish actor, director, and film photographer based in Skåne. Klas has been working with film production since 1984 when he graduated from Stockholm University as a director and film photographer. Klas studied acting at Kulturama and has also been taking several acting classes. He has been working as an actor in several films and TV series in the Swedish Film industry including the Swedish/Danish SVT series “Bron”, “Tunna blå linjen”, “Bror”, “Limbo”, and the Danish “Den som dräper”. Klas is signed for an upcoming Swedish Feature and a TV series filming this spring.


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Born: 1962

Height: 185          Eyes: Mixed

Weight: 83           Hair: Salt&Pepper

Size: L                   Shoe: 44

Appearance: Northern European, Scandinavian

Languages: Swedish, English (American), German

Skills: Tennis, Ice skating, Roller Skating, Song