Othman Othman

Othman Othman is a Syrian/Swedish actor who moved to Sweden 2014. Othman was very ambititeus to learn Swedish quickly so he connectes to a theater group and in 2016 he entered the Malmö Theater Academy and took his bachelors degree 2019. Othman has since been working on several theaters as Västmanlands Teater, Arabiska Teakter, Riksteater, Jaladateater and Örebroteater. Othman has taken a course in filmacting, and has been playing main roles in some short films. Othman is currently filming a new TV serie with premiere in autumn 2021.


Height: 183 cm

Hair: Black/short

Eyes: Browm

Skills: Crossfit, Boxing

Music: Instrument Ouds, Voice: bas

Languages: Arabic, Swedish, English