Severi Saarinen

Severi Saarinen is a Finnish actor and musical artist, known for multiple roles in films, TV series, and theater plays in Finland. He has more than fifteen years of working career as an actor in Finland. Severi was nominated for a Best Leading Role at the Jussi Awards (Finnish Oscars) 2023 for his role in the film ”On Thin Ice” (2022). In 2012, Saarinen graduated with a MA in Acting from the Theatre Academy of Helsinki (Uniarts).

He played the role of Sergeant Lehto in the most-watched film in modern Finnish movie history, The Unknown Soldier. The film has also been made into a TV series.

His latest works include the “Sisu” Movie (2023), the “Skimbagirls” Movie (2023), and the “On Thin Ice” Movie (2022)

Height: 177 cm, 5,8 feet 

Hair: Light Brown

Eyes: Blue

Size: M/L

Shoe: 43

Driving License: B, A (Car, Motorcycle)

Languages: Finnish, English, Swedish (Scripted)

Accents: Scandinavian, Eastern European, Standard American

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