Sofie Lybäck

Sofie Lybäck is a Finno-Swedish stage and film actor born and raised in Kronoby, Finland, currently based in Stockholm.

She holds a Master of Fine Arts in Acting from East 15 Acting School in London and has appeared in a variety of productions in Finland, Sweden and the UK.

During 2022 Sofie appeared in the praised performance Vanmakt by Alexander Ekman at Artipelag in Stockholm. Vanmakt, the documentary, can be seen worldwide on SVT Play until March 2025.

In 2023, Sofie can be seen in the theatre performance Världens Lyckligaste Land at Helsinki, Turku and Vaasa City Theatre, filmed by YLE. She is also appearing in the Netflix/FLX production The Unlikely Murderer directed by Simon Kaijser.

Sofie works fluently in Swedish, English (RP), and Finnish.

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