Ulla Virtanen


Ulla Virtanen is a Finnish actress. She is an American Academy of Dramatic Arts (New York) graduate and Upright Citizens Brigade (New York & Los Angeles) alumni.
Ulla has international experience, having lived in London, New York, and Los Angeles for several years. She now resides in Helsinki Finland, working in the fields of TV, Film, theater, and radio.  Although a native Finnish speaker, she has been a recurring guest on a Swedish-speaking TV show “Efter Nio”.
Ulla is also an accomplished scriptwriter, having written some of the biggest entertainment shows on Finnish TV.

Ulla specializes in improvisation and does that fluently in Finnish and English. She has had roles in various TV shows such as the Emmy-nominated comedy series Wingman  (Luottomies) and in the Finnish version  of Solsidan (Onnela)

She works fluently in Finnish, English (IPA), and Swedish


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